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Total number of apartments available

1+kk (1+1) 26m2 - 60m2 95x
2+kk (2+1) 40m2 - 81m2 74x
3+kk (3+1) 66m2 - 153m2 44x
Suites from 109m2 5x

3rd floor

1+kk (1+1) 26m2 - 36m2 18x
2+kk (2+1) 47m2 - 80m2 4x
3+kk (3+1) 66m2 - 89m2 3x

4th floor

1+kk (1+1) 28m2 - 60m2 10x
2+kk (2+1) 40m2 - 81m2 8x
3+kk (3+1) 67m2 - 90m2 3x

5th floor

1+kk (1+1) 26m2 - 32m2 8x
2+kk (2+1) 41m2 - 50m2 5x
3+kk (3+1) 68m2 - 87m2 4x
Suites from 195m2 1x

6th floor

1+kk (1+1) 26m2 - 32m2 9x
2+kk (2+1) 41m2 - 71m2 9x
3+kk (3+1) 68m2 - 87m2 2x

7th floor

1+kk (1+1) 26m2 - 34m2 14x
2+kk (2+1) 42m2 - 55m2 6x
3+kk (3+1) 69m2 - 88m2 2x

8th floor

1+kk (1+1) 27m2 - 34m2 7x
2+kk (2+1) 42m2 - 50m2 5x
3+kk (3+1) 68m2 - 88m2 3x
Suites from 163m2 1x

9th floor

1+kk (1+1) 27m2 - 31m2 6x
2+kk (2+1) 42m2 - 52m2 6x
3+kk (3+1) 69m2 - 88m2 3x
Suites from 109m2 1x

10th floor

1+kk (1+1) 27m2 - 31m2 6x
2+kk (2+1) 42m2 - 52m2 6x
3+kk (3+1) 69m2 - 91m2 4x

11th floor

1+kk (1+1) 27m2 - 31m2 6x
2+kk (2+1) 42m2 - 52m2 6x
3+kk (3+1) 69m2 - 94m2 4x

12th floor

1+kk (1+1) 27m2 - 31m2 5x
2+kk (2+1) 42m2 - 52m2 5x
3+kk (3+1) 69m2 - 94m2 5x

13th floor

1+kk (1+1) 27m2 - 31m2 5x
2+kk (2+1) 42m2 - 52m2 5x
3+kk (3+1) 69m2 - 94m2 5x

14th floor

1+kk (1+1) 42m2 1x
2+kk (2+1) 49m2 - 70m2 6x
3+kk (3+1) 99m2 - 153m2 3x
Suites from 115m2 2x

15th floor

2+kk (2+1) 47m2 - 65m2 3x
3+kk (3+1) 92m2 - 105m2 3x
a.3.25 a.3.24 a.3.23 a.3.22 a.3.21 a.3.20 a.3.19 a.3.18 a.3.17 a.3.16 a.3.15 a.3.14 a.3.13 a.3.12 a.3.11 a.3.10 a.3.09 a.3.08 a.3.07 a.3.06 a.3.05 a.3.04 a.3.03 a.3.02 a.3.01 a.4.13 a.4.12 a.4.11 a.4.10 a.4.09 a.4.08 a.4.07 a.4.06 a.4.05 a.4.04 a.4.03 a.4.02 a.4.01 b.4.13 b.4.12 b.4.11 b.4.10 b.4.09 b.4.08 b.4.07 b.4.01 a.5.05 a.5.04 a.5.03 a.5.02 a.5.01 b.5.14 b.5.13 b.5.12 b.5.11 b.5.09 b.5.08 b.5.07 b.5.06 b.5.05 b.5.04 b.5.03 b.5.02 b.5.01 a.6.04 a.6.03 a.6.02 a.6.01 b.6.16 b.6.15 b.6.14 b.6.13 b.6.12 b.6.11 b.6.10 b.6.09 b.6.08 a.6.07 b.6.06 b.6.05 b.6.04 b.6.03 b.6.02 b.6.01 b.7.18 b.7.17 b.7.16 b.7.15 b.7.13 b.7.12 b.7.11 b.7.10 b.7.08 b.7.07 b.7.06 b.7.05 b.7.04 b.7.03 b.7.02 b.7.01 a.7.06 a.7.05 a.7.04 a.7.03 a.7.02 a.7.01 b.8.16 b.8.15 b.8.14 b.8.13 b.8.12 b.8.11 b.8.10 b.8.09 b.8.08 b.8.07 b.8.06 b.8.05 b.8.04 b.8.03 b.8.02 b.8.01 b.9.16 b.9.15 b.9.14 b.9.13 b.9.12 b.9.11 b.9.10 b.9.09 b.9.08 b.9.07 b.9.06 b.9.05 b.9.04 b.9.03 b.9.02 b.9.01 b.10.16 b.10.15 b.10.14 b.10.13 b.10.12 b.10.11 b.10.10 b.10.09 b.10.08 b.10.07 b.10.06 b.10.05 b.10.04 b.10.03 b.10.02 b.10.01 b.11.16 b.11.15 b.11.14 b.11.13 b.11.12 b.11.11 b.11.10 b.11.09 b.11.08 b.11.07 b.11.06 b.11.05 b.11.04 b.11.03 b.11.02 b.11.01 b.12.15 b.12.14 b.12.13 b.12.12 b.12.11 b.12.10 b.12.09 b.12.08 b.12.07 b.12.06 b.12.05 b.12.04 b.12.03 b.12.02 b.12.01 b.13.15 b.13.14 b.13.13 b.13.12 b.13.11 b.13.10 b.13.09 b.13.08 b.13.07 b.13.06 b.13.05 b.13.04 b.13.03 b.13.02 b.13.01 m.14.13 b.14.12 b.14.10 1410 1411 b.14.06 b.14.05 b.14.04 b.14.03 m.14.02 m.14.01 m.14.13 m.14.02 m.14.01 b.15.05 b.15.04 b.15.03 1505 1506 b.15.01

Deposits for services CZK 140 / m2 excluding VAT. It is possible to rent a guarded garage space from CZK 2000 and cellar from CZK 900 per month incl. VAT.
Renewable fixed-term sublease agreement for one year.

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